3D Holodisplay installed as the first Smart city solution in Living Lab

Pubished: 16/10/2020


The new infrastructure of the Living Lab Koprivnica has been set up in the Coworking space of the Creative Industries Incubator and this way Enter Koprivnica (Trg dr. Žarka Dolinara 18) has become a place where you can see 3D Holodisplay from the company Monere Digital.

3D Holodisplay is a high-tech solution for displaying, creating and managing 3D video content with a holographic effect. It is a combination of a high-tech unit for creating, projecting and managing 3D video content with a holographic effect that allows remote control and wireless transfer of content. Holographic projection provides unlimited possibilities of 3D modelling and it will provide creative communication innovators with effects that cannot go unnoticed.

3D HoloDisplay is primarily intended for all those involved in marketing and anyone who wants to make their product desirable, accessible and almost tangible by displaying it in space. The new and innovative dimension of displaying objects and 360-degree digital experience of selected product is an advanced technical solution that brings the long-desired promotion opportunities and enables a 3D effect for your advertisement.

Installation of the 3D HoloDisplay presentation unit is possible in two forms, with or without a protective dome. The choice itself depends on the needs of the user and the place, and the device is adapted to both open and closed space.

A unique holographic 3D video wall can be created by combining multiple 3D HoloDisplay units. This way, for example, the client's advertisement is displayed as a unique animation and the design is possible according to the needs of the presentation and space.

Technical specifications of the implemented 3D HoloDisplay:

  • 4 arms (petals)
  • Diameter: 650 mm
  • Life span: >50.000 working hours
  • Number of LED lighting elements: 720
  • Management: via a wireless network
  • Power: 30 W
  • Resolution: 672 x 672 pix
  • D+Brightness: 1.500 cd/m2

Monere Digital website: https://themonere.net

Get more information by sending an inquiry via e-mail: info@themonere.net