Sigfox network is a new communication network in Living Lab Koprivnica

Pubished: 12/05/2020


Living Lab Koprivnica implemented the global Internet of Things network Sigfox, installed by the company IoT net Adria. It is fully functional and available to Living Lab partners and all interested parties who want to implement existing or test their IoT solutions.

It is a low-power broadband wireless technology that is used for long-distance communication and enables two-way transmission of small amounts of data over long distances, reduces the amount of energy needed to securely connect devices in the cloud and reduce costs.

The base station was implemented on the spotlight pole of the city stadium "Ivan Kusek Apas", which covers the area of 5 to 10 kilometers with a signal (includes the Lenisce district of Koprivnica, where the Koprivnica Living Lab is initially located).

It is planned to use the existing IoT infrastructure (implemented Sigfox network) to test other smart city services in the form of various pilot projects of innovative solutions. In the future, the Sigfox IoT network can be used for all urban essential services and resource management. The same communication infrastructure can be used for smart parking, smart waste management, smart meter reading (remote sensing of energy products and water), monitoring of the noise level and air quality, in addition to smart city lighting.

In order to expand Living Lab Koprivnica, all interested companies are invited to become project partners in testing smart city solutions, public lighting, communication networks or innovations in the form of smart metering. You can contact us via e-mail or by phone every day from 8AM to 4PM on +385 289 242.